As Kootenai County Democrats, we believe in equal treatment, equal justice, and inclusive democracy. Moreover, we strive locally to build a community where all people of good will feel safe and welcome. That is why we oppose the upcoming Liberate America event scheduled on June 13th. For it does not model these principles. Furthermore, we mourn the loss of innocent black lives, and stand in solidarity with those who fight to end the injustice, bigotry, and racism that allows them to occur.

As peaceful protests have organized around the nation and the world, we have witnessed anti-democratic groups attempting to steal the spotlight and use it to spread messages of hate and intolerance. The Liberate America event on June 13th is a perfect example. It features some of the most notorious extremists in our region, including those known for violence and domestic terrorism. They have been invited here to spread their anti-government and anti-democratic message during a pandemic. Although the First Amendment protects their right to assemble, it also protects our right to oppose their hateful messages. What they stand for harms our community.

Therefore, we demand that our local leaders and elected officials denounce the June 13th gathering as undemocratic and damaging. Given our local legacy of tolerance for white supremacy, we must continue the work of eradicating the stain left by the Aryan Nations and those who supported them so that people of color feel safe and welcome here. The Liberate America event is out of step with our mission of social justice and inclusiveness. So, share your outrage over this event with your local city council members, county commissioners, and state legislators. We cannot allow bigotry and racism a new foothold in our community.

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