The threat of contracting COVID-19 at a polling place is expected to lead many Idahoans to vote by mail.

But due to funding cuts imposed on the United States Postal Service by its new director, a man who donated ‘hugely’ to the President’s campaign, their votes may not be counted. In other words, Idahoans who vote by mail may be disenfranchised.

Our President, who votes by mail himself, implies that the funding cuts imposed on the USPS by his own administration, are intended to help win his reelection. Republican officials who do not object to this kind of corruption only enable it.

The USPS is almost 200 years old; it was conceived by Ben Franklin as a means of binding together a nation of rural Americans. Even today in small Idaho towns, the post office is a center for connecting with neighbors. Unfortunately, Athol and Careywood lost their post offices recently. Today, the USPS delivers life-saving medications to millions of people, many who are home bound and unable to travel to a pharmacy. They cannot live without a vibrant USPS.

Idaho voters can reject the corruption and destruction of national treasures like the USPS. Vote by mail, the earlier the better. Or vote in person wearing a mask and gloves.

Letter to the Editor: CDA Press
Evan Koch, Chair
Kootenai County Democratic Central Committee

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