The death knell is sounding. It was heard when the GREAT RED WAVE splashed timidly on our shores.

It sounded when Jack Smith was appointed special counsel over all things federally Trumpian.

It sounded when the 11th Circuit Court spanked Judge Cannon for being a loose cannon.

It sounded when Letitia James won all 17 guilty verdicts of tax fraud against Trump’s business companies. All that evidence now goes to the Manhattan DA for criminal tax fraud investigation against Trump.

It sounded, when 2022 election results will ensure the election integrity in every single battleground state in 2024.

It sounded when the Supreme Court refused to protect Trump’s tax returns, and now those returns will be out there for all to see, including Senate oversight of the IRS.

It sounded courageous.

Americans swept aside death threats and violence threats to make sure the 2022 election would be free and fair.

It sounded when DA Fani Willis of Fulton County won every single legal maneuver to, eventually, bring Trump to justice.

It sounded when the Jan. 6th Committee, using Republican witnesses, proved that Trump committed treason.

It sounded once again when another Trump candidate lost, giving the Democrats greater control of the Senate and the all-important subpoena power.

It sounded when the world turned its back on Trump’s support for Putin.

And now it’s sounding again as more and more Americans of good will see the neon signs at Mar-a-Lago blink out the message: “Loser! Loser!


And it will continue to sound as President Biden’s CHIPS and Science Act and the Inflation Reduction Act help provide Americans with more jobs and benefits despite Trump’s efforts to kill both.

Martin Luther King Jr. said the “arc of the moral universe is long, but it still bends toward justice.” For whom does the bell toll? It tolls for thee, Trump. You are already guilty of theft of government documents.

Your orange prison suit will match your complexion beautifully.

By JOHN STROBEL CDA Press Guest opinion

John Strobel is a Kootenai County resident.

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