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Take Action – Call, email, Write

We have gone for too long not letting our voices be heard. now is the time to speak up and hold Idaho’s republican leadership accountable

Boise: (208) 334-1953
DC: (202) 225-5531

Boise: (208) 332-1340
DC: (202) 225-6611

CDA: (208) 667-6130
DC: (202) 224-2752

CDA: (208) 664-5490
DC: (202) 224-6142

State Legislators

Legislative District 2

Steve Vick (R)

(208) 332-1345

Vito Barbieri (R)

(208) 620-0873
House Seat A

Doug Okuniewicz (R)

(208) 918-1495
House Seat B

Legislative District 3

Peter Riggs (R)

(208) 755-7383

Ron Mendive (R)

(208) 667-9330
House Seat A

Tony Wisniewski (R)

(208) 889-3437
House Seat B

Legislative District 4

Mary Souza (R)


James Addis (R)

(208) 676-0187
House Seat A

Paul Amador (R)

(208) 497-2470
House Seat B

The power to select individuals to represent your interests is a protected right that must be defended. In addition, it is critical that we remain engaged and informed regarding the actions of these government officials. To assist you in this effort, we have compiled a Google Doc that will help you review the legislative voting records of every Idaho state legislator in the 2020 Legislative Session. For details regarding proposed bills and passed legislation click here.

Things You Can Do

General Support
  • Do data entry for our voter database. We will train you.
  • Offer your special talents, interests and skills and let us suggest how you can best use them to help Democrats
  • Offer your resources such as your home, office, or equipment in support of Democrat activities
Get Out the Vote
  • Drive voters to the polls on Election Day
  • Make get-out-to-vote phone calls on Election Day
  • Become a paid poll worker, Apply here.
Fundraising & Event Support
  • Suggest/help organize a fundraising event
  • Pick up supplies for a fundraising event
  • Collect tickets at events
  • Fill a shift at the Democratic booth at the fair
  • Hang out at the Democrat booth at the Fair (you won’t be alone or have to say anything)
  • Hand out candy to kids at the Fair
  • Hand out “wind power devices,” i.e., hand-held fans, at the fair
  • Make reminder calls to other volunteers
Marketing and Communications
  • Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper to voice your position on an issue
  • Help other people write letters to the newspaper
  • Hold a letter-writing event at your home
  • Write articles for our website
  • Take event photos to share on Facebook
  • Critically review our website and send us suggestions for improvement
Campaign Support
  • Drop candidate literature on voters’ porches
  • Research an issue or topic and provide that information to our candidates
  • Help with candidate/party strategic planning
  • Distribute candidate yard signs to those who ask for one
  • Pick up yard signs after the election
  • Hand-address and stuff envelopes for a candidate
  • Host a backyard gathering for a candidate
  • Suggest groups that a candidate can address
  • Work on a candidate’s election team
Party Organizing
Social Media
  • Friend us on Facebook
  • Let your friends on Facebook know you wrote to your Congressman
  • Help out with the website/social media—there are many different tasks
Voter Registration
  • Hand out voter registration forms during a registration drives
  • Register voters at Democrat-friendly events
  • Carry voter registration forms in your purse and give them out to service workers you meet while shopping
  • Deliver voter registration forms to the Election Department
Advocate for Democrat Issues
  • Attend a town hall meeting even if you don’t say anything
  • Visit your state and US legislator’s local offices and let them know your concerns
  • Wear a Democrat t-shirt to the grocery store
  • Talk to a neighbor about an issue that matters to you
Take Action
  • Be a candidate! (Run for local boards or offices)
  • Kick in a couple bucks!  Click on our Donate button
  • Be a person we can call on for some critical skill or resource. Let us know what you can offer
  • Join us at the Dem Club. Weekly meeting details are posted on our Calendar.
  • Come to a Central Committee meeting and watch what we do. Monthly meeting details are posted on our Calendar.
  • Introduce yourself at the Central Committee meeting and tell us what your most pressing concern is
  • Make a voter registration volunteer’s apron. (We have a pattern.)
  • Sign up to work on one of our several committees, like Activities, Community Involvement, Communication, Budget and Finance, Rules and Bylaws, Candidate Recruitment and Support, or Precinct Organization
  • Sign up on our website to get our weekly announcements
  • “Contact Us” on this website to leave a message on how you’d like to help
  • Take notes at meetings
  • Host a visiting Democrat for a night
  • Walk in the parade
  • Suggest interesting topics for Dem Club luncheon speakers
  • Suggest other volunteer opportunities for this list


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