Take Action

We have gone for too long not letting our voices be heard. now is the time to speak up and hold Idaho’s republican leadership accountable

Mike Simpson

Boise: (208) 334-1953
DC: (202) 225-5531

Russ Fulcher

Boise: (208) 332-1340
DC: (202) 225-6611

Jim Risch

CDA: (208) 667-6130
DC: (202) 224-2752

Mike Crapo

CDA: (208) 664-5490
DC: (202) 224-6142

State Legislators

Legislative District 2

Steve Vick (R)
(208) 819-4189

Vito Barbieri (R)
(208) 620-0873
House Seat A

John Green (R)
(208) 620-1506
House Seat B

Legislative District 3

Bob Nonini (R)
(208) 659-4643

Ron Mendive (R)
(208) 667-9330
House Seat A

Tony  Wisniewski (R)
(208) 889-3437
House Seat B

Legislative District 4

Mary Souza (R)

James Addis (R)
(208) 209-7175
House Seat A

Paul Amador (R)
(208) 497-2470
House Seat B

Things You Can Do

General Support
  • Do data entry for our voter database. We will train you.
  • Update our equipment inventory list at our headquarters
  • Offer your special talents, interests and skills and let us suggest how you can best use them to help Democrats
  • Offer your resources such as your home, office or equipment in support of Democrat activities
Get Out the Vote
  • Pull a shift as a poll-watcher
  • Drive voters to the polls on Election Day
  • Make get-out-to-vote phone calls on Election Day
Fundraising & Event Support
  • Suggest/help organize a fundraising event
  • Pick up supplies for a fundraising event
  • Collect tickets at events
  • Fill a shift at the Democratic booth at the fair
  • Hang out at the Democrat booth at the Fair (you won’t be alone or have to say anything)
  • Hand out candy to kids at the Fair
  • Hand out “wind power devices,” i.e., hand-held fans, at the fair
  • Make reminder calls to other volunteers
Marketing and Communications
  • Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper to voice your position on an issue
  • Help other people write letters to the newspaper
  • Hold a letter-writing event at your home
  • Write articles for our website
  • Take event photos to share on Facebook
  • Critically review our website and send us suggestions for improvement
Campaign Support
  • Drop candidate literature on voters’ porches
  • Research an issue or topic and provide that information to our candidates
  • Help with candidate/party strategic planning
  • Distribute candidate yard signs to those who ask for one
  • Pick up yard signs after the election
  • Hand-address and stuff envelopes for a candidate
  • Host a backyard gathering for a candidate
  • Suggest groups that a candidate can address
  • Work on a candidate’s election team
Party Organizing
  • Be a precinct chair or vice chair
  • Volunteer to help your precinct chair to contact other voters
Social Media
  • Friend us on Facebook
  • Let your friends on Facebook know you wrote to your Congressman
  • Help out with the website/social media—there are many different tasks
Voter Registration
  • Hand out voter registration forms during a registration drives
  • Register voters at Democrat-friendly events
  • Carry voter registration forms in your purse and give them out to service workers you meet while shopping
  • Deliver voter registration forms to the Election Department
Advocate for Democrat Issues
  • Attend a town hall meeting even if you don’t say anything
  • Visit your state and US legislator’s local offices and let them know your concerns
  • Wear a Democrat t-shirt to the grocery store
  • Talk to a neighbor about an issue that matters to you
Take Action
  • Be a candidate! (Run for local boards or offices)
  • Kick in a couple bucks!  Click on our Donate button
  • Be a person we can call on for some critical skill or resource. Let us know what you can offer
  • Visit us at the Democratic Club at the Ironhorse Restaurant on Friday noon.  Bring a friend with you!  Join the club!
  • Come to a meeting of the Central Committee to watch what we do
  • Introduce yourself at the Central Committee meeting and tell us what your most pressing concern is
  • Make a voter registration volunteer’s apron. (We have a simple design.)
  • Sign up to work on one of our several committees, like Activities, Community Involvement, Communication, Budget and Finance, Rules and Bylaws, Candidate Recruitment and Support, or Precinct Organization
  • Sign up on our website to get our weekly announcements
  • “Contact Us” on this website to leave a message on how you’d like to help
  • Take notes at meetings
  • Host a visiting Democrat for a night
  • Walk in the parade
  • Suggest interesting topics for Dem Club luncheon speakers
  • Suggest other volunteer opportunities for this list