In this historic election year, Idaho faces a unique challenge. While faced with an ongoing pandemic, county clerks throughout the state must staff polling places for the General Election. Normally, polls are staffed primarily by retirees. However, since these volunteers are elderly, most are highly susceptible to infection by COVID-19. As a result, many are expected to stay home. Therefore, unless younger and healthier volunteers step forward, there could be an unprecedented shortage of poll workers for the General Election on November 3.

If you are in a lower risk category and have the time to serve in this way, please sign up to be a poll worker. Without sufficient poll workers, there could be closed polling places and long delays on election day. By serving in this way, you contribute to creating a safe, fair, and efficient election for all voters. For more information, go to If you want to be considered for poll working in November, fill out the Poll Worker Availability Survey.

KTVB Election¬†Update: ‘This is going to be fluid up until November’: Idaho preparing for highly anticipated general election

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