On April 30, I was driving home from work about 6:30 p.m. As I was about to leave I-90, exiting at Post Falls, a Navy Blue Ford Explorer came so close to my back bumper I was afraid to use my brakes to slow down my car, so I coasted uphill on the exit ramp.

The car continued to ride my bumper all the way through the back streets Kristy Reed My Turn of Post Falls. When the car followed me into our small neighborhood, I pulled into a guest parking area instead of going to my house. A young white male pulled up on the driver’s side of my car and gestured for me to roll down my window.

When I did, he shouted at me “Go back to California,” followed by calling me several names meant to be derogatory, such as communist, socialist, liberal, fascist, anti-Christian. WOW! I do have political stickers on the back window of my car. I said to the young man “I can’t go back to California, I am from Kansas.” “Then get out of Idaho,” he screamed.

“I have been here for 30 years, and I love this place. I am not going anywhere,” I replied.

I won’t bore you with the next five minutes of verbal attack, followed by my refusal to back down, and challenging his reasoning. He finally gave up. He turned his car around and drove off.

His parting shot was “God bless you.” I am a little leery of his sincerity, but at least he left. Oh, by the way, He still had his NEW YORK license plates on his car!

Sometimes we DO have to “Stand our ground.”

If we are really brave, we can do it with truth, intelligent discussions and without firearms! (See attached picture)


••• Kristy Reed Johnson is a Democratic Candidate for District 5 for the Idaho State Legislature, Seat A.

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