Regarding your article, “Too Far” of June 16, it’s ironic that you — Brent Regan — should raise the issues of immature behavior, moral codes, laws and taboos.

Let’s examine your undying love for Trump. Let’s look with clear eyes at Trump’s invitation to the rioters who vandalized the Capitol, who looted, assaulted Capitol Police, threatened the life of the vice president, and caused death and destruction. One of the rioters wore a horned fur hat and carried a spear. These are apparently your “mature” pals. You like them so much that you threaten readers by repeating and embracing Kari Lake’s notice that, “if you want to get to (ex) President Trump you will have to go through me and 70 million card carrying NRA members.”

Your threatening language moved the immaturity needle from fringe idealogue to noted nut case. Threatening lives with gun violence is immature, dangerous and stupid. Are you also going to dare us not to step over a line in the sand? Are you planning a drag race down Sherman? Hoping to arm wrestle readers? Planning a drinking contest back at the dorm? Your love for the twice-indicted ex-president suggests that you and your cronies supported the overthrow of the U.S. government. Your buddies smeared poop and urine in U.S. Capitol hallways, disrespecting your country, law enforcement, Congress and the military. Your little pals did $30 million in damages. You’re the last guy who should be advising the rest of us on maturity. Now that’s common sense.



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