Now might be a good time to mention that the conservatives who care about Kootenai County are represented by the North Idaho Republicans, NOT the Kootenai County GOP (KCRCC).

Tens of thousands of Kootenai County residents are watching in horror as three grifters quickly dismantle and destroy an institution that means so much to us economically and culturally. How did this happen? The answer is simple and obvious: The Kootenai County Republican Central Committee, or KCRCC, also known as the Kootenai County GOP, was taken over several years ago by extremists with national interests that have nothing to do with Kootenai County. These people do not represent those with a vested interest in the vitality of this community. Kootenai County is just a pawn to them. They are working under the name of a trusted, respected organization with deep roots in this community. But that is not who they are. The current KCRCC, or Kootenai County GOP, is out to level this community.

Kootenai County conservatives who care about your community: It is time to cut the ties with the KCRCC. You now have tangible evidence that the KCRCC, aka Kootenai County GOP, is actively trying to burn this community down. Three KCRCC endorsed candidates that were elected to the NIC board of trustees have systematically acted to bleed the college dry of money, and to have it stripped of its accreditation. Despite the consistently destructive actions of these individuals, the KCRCC still wholly supports them. This shows unequivocally that the KCRCC, aka Kootenai County GOP, supports the dismantling of NIC. That can no longer be reasonably denied.

It may be too late for NIC, but our other bedrock institutions are next on the chopping block. The destruction will continue as long as the KCRCC has power in your votes. You alone have the power to stop them. It is not too late to stand up for this community.

The North Idaho Republicans are deeply conservative, and they care deeply about Kootenai County. When extremists took over the KCRCC, many of the group’s true conservatives with traditional values fled the dumpster fire and formed North Idaho Republicans to counter the lies of the new KCRCC, as well as uphold the core values of a true conservative interest. Many members of the North Idaho Republicans are trusted former local leaders and elected officials who have always upheld the far-right values of this community; their voting records are unblemished in favor of far-right conservatism.

Stop trusting those who are lying to you and laughing at you while they tear your community down and burn your money. Look to leaders who have demonstrated their trustworthiness and their dedication to this community. Stand with them, the North Idaho Republicans, and stand up for our home.

By JESSICA LEVY Guest Opinion

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