The Coeur d’Alene Regional Chamber, in collaboration with North Idaho College and Kootenai Health, has scheduled a series of free quarterly public forums.

The forums are aimed at bringing the North Idaho community together for discussions on topics affecting the region.

“In a time when open dialogue and community engagement are more important than ever, the goal of these forums is to promote active, civic participation and community unity,” said Linda Coppess, president and CEO of the Coeur d’Alene Regional Chamber.

“By creating a space for open and informed discussions, we aim to foster greater understanding, collaboration and shared solutions for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.”

Key forum features will include:

  • Diverse Topics: Each quarterly forum will focus on a different topic of importance to the community. Topics may include healthcare, education, economic development, housing and growth, and infrastructure.
  • Expert Insights: Forums will feature key player stakeholders who will share their experiences and perspectives on the chosen topics.
  • Engagement Opportunities: Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in question and- answer sessions, group discussions and networking.
  • Accessible Venue: The forums will be held at North Idaho College.

Planning is underway to present the first forum in January. It will highlight health sciences programs at NIC and their importance in sustaining the region’s medical community.

“Education and health care are critically important for building and maintaining a strong community,” said Jon Ness, Kootenai Health CEO.

Nick Swayne, president of NIC, said they are pleased to partner with the business community and Kootenai Health to host the forums.

“It is important for us all to engage in conversations such as this, so we have a better understanding of the issues, challenges and opportunities for our community,” he said.

The free forums will be open to the public.

Information, including dates, times and speakers, and how to register, will be posted on The Coeur d’Alene Regional Chamber website at http://www. by early November.

CDA Chamber, NIC, Kootenai Health to host forums


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