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Help Us Build Stronger Communities: As a Precinct Captain.

Precint captains are members of the Kootenai County Democratic Central Committee. As a precinct captain, you will organize a team of Democrats from your precint to communicate the values, principles, and policies that make us all proud members of the Idaho Democratic Party.

We have a statewide network of grassroots activists that will be there to help you begin to organize your precinct and get its citizens more involved in the issues that affect them. As the team you organize gets bigger and more connected, our statewide Democratic community gets stronger.

Every precinct where we don’t have a captain organizing and leading their community is a gap in our network that hinders our ability to bring a more diverse discussion into Idaho politics.

Be a precinct captain and help us bridge that gap with your leadership, creativity, and innovation.

Let’s work together to build stronger communities in Idaho.


​Precincts are the smallest geographic units in politics. Idaho has 944 precincts varying in size from a few dozen to about 2000 voters.

​Precinct captains are ordinary people who work within the governing structure of the Democratic Party to elect Democrats to public office. Precinct captains are part of both county and legislative district central committees. Leaders elected by these central committees elect the state party leaders who, in turn, elect the national party leaders. units in politics. Idaho has 944 precincts varying in size from a few dozen to about 2000 voters.
​Precinct captains are elected by Democratic primary voters in May of each even numbered year. In between elections, vacancies are filled by a vote of the other precinct captains in the county.

​Find your precinct at Your county chair can tell you what your precinct encompasses and what other Democrats live in your precinct. Information about your county Democratic organization can be found at (under “Get involved”) or by calling 208-336-1815

​As a precinct captain, you will work with the other local precinct captains to set goals to identify and turn out voters for Democratic candidates. Being a precinct captain is a volunteer, year-round job. It is exciting, challenging and at the heart of our democracy! But you don’t have to do it all yourself. Form a team of Democrats in your precinct to help you.

Support a healthy party organization

Participate in setting and fulfilling your county party’s goals, attend central committee meetings, serve on committees, and invest in your county and state party via their monthly pledge funds.

Meet your neighbors

Visit with people in your precinct and find out what’s important to them. Share your enthusiasm for Democratic Party values. Find out which neighbors are open to voting for Democratic candidates. As precinct captain, you have access to a state-of-the-art database, and you are expected to ensure information about voters in your precinct is updated regularly.

Find supporters for candidates

Candidates rely on you and your team to find and connect them to people who may be willing to invest their time, talents, and money to help their campaigns.

Improve communication

Distribute flyers from your local and the state party (and create your own). Encourage your neighbors to connect to Democratic newsletters, web pages, blogs, and other communications tools. Encourage them to speak out on the radio, in letters-to-the editor and in other ways.

Host neighborhood events

You or others on your precinct team may host informal gatherings to build stronger connections in your neighborhood, share ideas and find new team members. During election season, you may invite undecided voters in your neighborhood to meet Democratic candidates.

Turn out Democratic voters

During the final weeks of the election, you and your team will help ensure that everyone who has agreed to support Democratic candidates cast their votes. Get-Out-The-Vote (GOTV) activities include delivering reminder flyers, making calls, driving people to the polls and poll watching.

Be a good neighbor

If you are visible as a good neighbor and as a Democrat, you help dispel stereotypes of Democrats that some people in Idaho have. Some precinct captains like to put signs in their yard or window so that when another Democrat moves in, they know they are welcome.

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  1. Thomas Sanner Precinct Captain 406

    Neighbor and Voter,
    We are currently looking to fill approx. 16 Precinct Captain Positions in Kootenai County. I will list the Open Vacancies and if you know of someone, or it is currently filled, please let me know. You can reach me Tom Sanner Precinct Captain 406 at: or or call me at (509) 701-1772 for any questions or information.
    Current Vacancies 203,306,307,310,311,313,315,316,402,417,507,512,513,516,521, and 522. You can find you Precinct in the info at the top of the page. We use Votebuilder to help each and every Precinct Captain to get and keep in touch with voters in your Precinct. Training for this is available on line at or Google NDTC Training. Thank you and lets get started to take back Idaho.


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