Buttigieg 2020

This is a make or break moment in our nation’s history. By 2030, we’ll have hit the point of no return on climate change, there will be another 130 million guns on our streets, and the average cost of a home will have increased dramatically. We are running out of time to get it right.

I grew up in a city in the Industrial Midwest that was confronted by a rapidly changing world and rapidly changing economy— a challenge our leaders at home or in Washington weren’t prepared to meet. South Bend struggled for decades. Newsweek called us “dying.” But since I’ve been Mayor, we’ve worked together to build a new spirit. There’s still work to do, but we have made a break with the past and have embraced new ideas to build a better future.

We can’t continue to fight the same battles we’ve been arguing over for the last 40 years, or our opportunity to win the next 40 years will pass us by.

As much as we need compassionate and courageous leadership in the White House, it’s the local level, in your community and in your great state of Idaho, that will help build the power needed for a new direction.

The Idaho Democratic Party knows that Idahoans are looking for representatives who are willing to tackle the need for better public education, access to quality affordable healthcare, and protecting public lands. Our party needs your voice, your consideration, and your support.

That is why I am asking you to act by making a contribution to the Idaho Democratic Party. 100% of your contribution will benefit IDP and its efforts across the state.

We must summon the courage to break with the past and focus on real solutions for the problems we face before they overwhelm us. That break from the past must mean building our party from the ground up everywhere. But we can’t do it without your support.

Please make a contribution to the Idaho Democratic Party. Your contribution will go toward electing Idaho Democrats in every corner of the state, up and down the ballot: https://act.myngp.com/Forms/189498837391641600

Pete Buttigieg
Mayor of South Bend, Indiana

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