Earlier this year, pre-COVID-19, the KC Dems received Chromebooks and cell phones from the Michael Bloomberg presidential campaign. These unexpected gifts resulted when Bloomberg pulled out of Kootenai County during the 2020 Democratic Primary. We thought we might use them for our 2020 GOTV efforts. However, coronavirus put an end to that plan, at least in the way we were expecting it to unfold.

So, it was suggested by our chair Evan Koch that we find a good home for these gifts where they can be put to good use. Consequently, KC Dems are happy to announce that we were able to do just that. These unexpected gifts have been re-gifted to serve others in need.

Safe Passage, the local resource for women and families in crisis, was delighted to receive ten cell phones. This unexpected windfall will allow needy clients to have a phone they can use in case of a domestic emergency. They sincerely thanked us for the early “Christmas gift.”

Lakeland Junior High in Rathdrum gratefully accepted the donation of eight Chromebooks. In a year when students are often required to go online to access their classes and homework, having a reliable computer is critical. In fact, even when students can return to in-person classes, having a personal computer offers them access to critical online educational resources.

We hope you are as excited about these wonderful donations as we are!
Cathy Kraus, KCDCC Community Outreach Chair.

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