Our Party Values

What We Are Fighting For Everyday

Protecting Public Education

Teacher salaries should be competitive with those in neighboring states.


Kootenai Democrats believe quality public schools should be financed for all children in Idaho from pre-K through college. Teacher salaries should be competitive with those in neighboring states. Our party believes education prepares Idaho’s children to think critically in order to become the problem-solvers and innovators so needed in our communities and the world. But Idaho’s children deserve better than 48th!

Expanding Affordable HealthCare


Every citizen of Idaho, and our nation, deserves access to healthcare regardless of their income. Our party is fighting to bring the truth of healthcare into the light: insurance companies are in the way of affordable care for every Idahoan. We must move to a medicare for all system like all other advanced nations. Change is never easy but our citizens’ lives literally depend on it.

Promoting Living Wages

Kootenai Democrats believe every working adult should receive a wage you can live on.

Living Wages

Idaho’s minimum wage is $7.25. An individual working a 40-hour week earns $290 on this wage. Could you live on $290 a week? Not unless you are still living in your parent’s basement. But unfortunately, two-thirds of the individuals receiving the minimum wage are working adults, and many provide their family’s only income. Democrats believe that every working adult should receive a wage you can live on. Democratic legislators in our state are working against a tide of resistance to raising the minimum wage. Show them that you stand with us! We support the dignity of work and making work pay.

Defending Natural Resources

Kootenai Democrats are committed to protecting the natural beauty in Idaho.

nat. resources

Kootenai Democrats are dedicated to being good stewards of the natural resources that make North Idaho an environmental gem. We work to insure all water is drinkable, accessible, fishable and swimmable. We work to ensure access to public lands for the enjoyment of Idaho’s hunters, hikers, fishers, and recreational users.

Kootenai County Democrats recognize the economic benefits and tax base a healthy environment provides for our schools, hospitals and local businesses. We honor the farmers, ranchers, foresters who make up the foundation of Idaho’s economy. Managing our forests, lakes, and streams requires cooperation between industries and the protectors of wildlife by using fact- and science-based measures to prevent and mitigate the effects of climate change.

Kootenai County Democrats are committed to protecting the resources that brought our families to Idaho, the beauty that kept us here and the possibilities for future generations.

Restricting big Money In Politics

Idaho deserves elections that are free from the corruption of big money donors.

BIG Money

We believe that the citizens of the great state of Idaho deserve free and fair elections. Free from the corruption of big money donors. Far too often our elected officials create legislation to benefit their big corporate donors leaving the hard working constituents in our county under-represented and faced with laws and economic conditions that hurt our families. It’s time our elected representatives start working for us!

Securing Public Lands

The Democratic Party has long held that public lands should remain public.

Public Lands

The Democratic Party has long held that public lands should remain public. Despite the political climate in Idaho, we are no exception in Kootenai County. We reject the notion that a healthy economy is opposed to a healthy environment by recognizing the important role that land and water conservation plays in providing healthy recreation, generating millions of jobs and protecting threatened wildlife.

2018 Idaho Democrats Party Platform

The platform represents the collective input of the delegates attending the 2018 Idaho Democratic Party Convention.

  1. Equality and respect for all Idahoans.
  2. An economy that works for all Idahoans.
  3. Free, safe, and equal public education.
  4. Accessible, affordable, and comprehensive healthcare in every community.
  5. Widespread voter and civic participation.
  6. Honest and transparent government.
  7. We believe in the strengths of working people and labor unions.
  8. Fair and equitable tax policy.
  9. We honor military service.
  10. We believe in being good stewards of the environment.
  11. Fair and effective criminal justice system.
  12. We uphold America’s tradition of welcoming immigrants.
  13. We support the legalization of cannabis.
  14. We support the full text of the second amendment.

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