Shouldn’t lies contain at least a little truth?

Priscilla Giddings

One big election down, another big election looming.

It’s true: Election season never ends. Apparently, neither does blatant lying. The B.S. machine is already in high gear for the May Republican primary, and one of the people with her tightly clenched fist on the lever is Rep. Priscilla Giddings.

Yes, the same Priscilla Giddings who will be in the hot light of public scrutiny next week as House members consider an ethics charge against her.

Giddings is essentially the running mate of Janice McGeachin, though sometimes it’s hard to tell the two apart. They are kindred political spirits, and we do not say that complimentarily.

Giddings was McGeachin’s sidekick on the education indoctrination task force which, predictably, came up with nothing but a mountain-high pile of redacted documents and judicial reprimand and fine for McGeachin. Both cast long shadows of questionable ethics.

Giddings is running for lieutenant governor while McGeachin aims for the governor’s office. If there’s a silver lining to the Giddings/McGeachin cloud, it’s this: Other much more qualified conservative candidates are either in those races or will be.

Coeur d’Alene attorney Luke Malek and House Speaker Scott Bedke are both on the ballot with Giddings, so Republican voters will thankfully have options.

There’s miles to go before that vote, which means the way will be littered with lies from candidates like Giddings. She’s not waiting, either. Here’s a paragraph from one of her recent mass-emailed fundraising newsletters:

Bedke, Malek and their cronies are pushing vaccine mandates, shutdowns for private businesses, higher taxes and gun control. And they are ignoring and even facilitating Marxism in Idaho schools, all while cutting their backroom deals and lining their own pockets.

OK, quick fact-check. Bedke and Malek pushing vaccine mandates? Lie.

Shutting down private businesses? Lie. Higher taxes? Lie. Gun control? You guessed it: Lie. Marxist whatever? That’s an LOL lie. At this point, looking at Giddings’ pile of unmitigated manure, we have come to a conclusion. She either has no clue who Bedke and Malek are, or she thinks you’re so stupid, she can paint her conservative opponents as radical leftists and you’ll just believe her.

Like you, we’d like to gargle some political mouthwash and focus on something more pleasant, like the approaching holiday season or the Gonzaga basketball season. But candidate Giddings has a different season in mind: Open season on truth-telling.

CDA Press Editorial

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