Political machine. This is the phrase that came to mind when looking at the county primary results.

The recommended slate of the Kootenai County Republican Central Committee (KCRCC) swept the field, electing new folks into new spots and sweeping out some incumbents. Their published list of favored candidates includes those they had chosen or had interviewed extensively and had answered their questions correctly. If they were dissatisfied with the voting performance of an incumbent, they selected a challenger to run against them and defeat them.

It seems if you want to hold public office in Kootenai County, talk to the KCRCC, but be sure to answer their questions correctly. If you are an office holder who wants to get re-elected, keep in touch with the KCRCC about how to vote during your term.

Their power comes from the number of Republicans who automatically vote down the slate. Why so many Republicans let the KCRCC do their thinking for them is something I can’t explain.


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