This year’s Thanksgiving holiday is over. Yet, we can still cling to the holiday’s sentiment of being thankful for family and friends, and all that we have. We can also put that attitude toward helping others.

Our Democratic Club small group took the week off for Thanksgiving. However, we will be meeting again this week. I am happy to report that your response to our need for a quorum of voting members has been terrific. Now, thanks to you, we have surpassed the required number of members to confirm club officers, approve bylaws, and make other critical decisions. Thank you! Consequently, we will be voting on our new bylaws shortly. A copy of the final draft will be emailed to all voting members later this week.

We look forward to an even more active Democratic Club this year. Watch our weekly emails and posts for our next meeting time. If you have any questions or concerns, email Phil at or Ruben at

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