Joe Biden: My Message to Idaho

The story of America is one of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. We are a country that was built by America’s great middle class, the backbone of our great nation. But lately, the middle class has been under assault.

One of the core pillars of my campaign is rebuilding our middle class, but this time bringing everyone along, regardless of gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, or disability. I know we can do it. America is strong, tough, resilient, and full of hope. Given half a chance and a level playing field, the American people have never, ever let their country down.

If we are going to bring this country together and rebuild our middle class, making the American Dream a reality again, we will need to rally the American people to support our party and our candidates at every level. The Idaho Democratic Party is doing exactly that and has made significant strides in helping to elect Democrats and educate voters on the issues we care most about.

Everyone knows who Donald Trump is. They know what Donald Trump’s Republican Party stands for. We need to tell them who we are. We need to make clear that we are the party with policies that will provide better opportunities for the American people. We are the party that will fight for fair wages for American workers, for access to universal, affordable health care, for the dignity of a secure retirement for our seniors.

Let’s work together to create better opportunities for the American people. Contribute to the Idaho Democratic Party to help us achieve this goal. 100% of your contribution will benefit the IDP and its efforts.

Idaho is a beautiful state. This week I visited Ketchum and Boise. It was a privilege to hear from Idahoans about which issues concern them most and what they would like to see from me on the campaign trail.

Idaho Democrats need your support. Supporting the state party and their efforts is one of the best ways you can do your part in fighting for our great nation and beating Donald Trump. Let’s lead by example here and watch real change unfold starting in your community at the local and grassroots level.

We are in a battle for the soul of America. The fight will be difficult, but let’s remember that our best days are still ahead. I’m more optimistic than I’ve ever been about the possibilities for our future.

Donate to the Idaho Democratic Party today and foster meaningful change. Your donation will support Democrats all across the state, up and down the ballot.

Thank you for supporting the Idaho Democratic Party and helping shape the future our country deserves.

See you on the trail!

Joe Biden

This message is a part of the Idaho Democratic Party’s partnership with presidential campaigns. 

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