Thanks to The Press editors for exposing the two-faced hypocrisy of the KCRCC chair and the Idaho Freedom Foundation leadership. It’s not just that these people helped themselves to a federal program that others need more than they do. It’s the narrative about the evils of mommy and daddy government, peddled by these Republican leaders, even as they sit on mommy and daddy’s lap with their noses planted firmly in the public trough.

I have lived and worked here for 43 years. I remember when both Republican and Democratic leaders served Idaho citizens across the political spectrum. Balance was the norm. Politicians had a basic understanding of statesmanship.

The gradual drift toward a self-serving political ideology that carves out favor for oneself at the expense of others has replaced that balance. It has left too many of us clamoring for our personal rights while ignoring our responsibilities to the community.

We see this drift in the self-centered responses to community efforts to control the pandemic. Are there people in this community who think Typhoid Mary was just exercising her individual liberty?

We have painted ourselves into an idiotic corner. We have so fallen in love with our narratives about others that all we can see is our own narrative.

Change happens when clear thinking people from both persuasions see the need for it. What is it going to take for us to see the need for it here in Idaho?

Dalton Gardens

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