Progressive Diners-Living In An Age Of Climate Change

Progressive Diners

Living in An Age of Climate Change

Join the Progressive Diners on Wednesday, November 1, for another presentation by Brian Henning PhD on Living in An Age of Climate Change. Doctor Henning is a professor at Gonzaga University. He teaches Philosophy and Environmental Studies. He is also a Faculty Fellow for Sustainability. Some of you may remember his talk last Spring on industrial food production. If you do, you know that he is a great speaker and that he will stimulate a lively discussion.

Please RSVP Steve Moss if you plan to attend so our room is properly prepared. Please arrive by 6:15 PM, so you can get seated and place your food or beverage order before we begin.


Climate Change: What is all the Fuss About?

Climate change is a charged concept to say the least. None the less, most people will admit that our climate is changing. It doesn’t take a PhD in climatology to see that our global weather and climate patterns are in flux. So why all the fighting? In seems the issue is more about who is to blame and whether there is anything we can do about it. Most scientists fall into the camp that believe we are the primary cause and that we can take steps to moderate the effects of our impact. Most Democrats it seems would agree. Join Professor Henning as we discuss this timely topic.

Progressive Diners

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