PC Training: Web Basics and Votebuilder

We hope to accomplish two tasks today: an introduction to web resources and VoteBuilder

VoteBuilder is an essential tool for successful Precinct Captains.

This workshop will feature the “do’s” and “don’ts” of using VoteBuilder.

Before attending the workshop, you, it is very important for you to contact Morgan Hine to retrieve or update your login information.

Topics we will attempt to include are:

  • Utilize the basic features of VoteBuilder and recognize how they can support your campaign
  • Create lists of voters for targeted outreach, including your base and persuasion voters
  • Easily develop walking lists and maps for your campaign’s canvassing efforts
  • Track and record the outcomes of your voter contact efforts

This workshop is tentatively scheduled to occur at Fire Station 3, but we are unsure if they will allow face-to-face meetings at this time. Be sure to check this event for any updates.

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