KC Commissioners: New Building Code Ordinance

There will be a public hearing to consider a new building code ordinance for the unincorporated areas of Kootenai County. The Commissioners are proposing to repeal and replace the existing building code ordinance that currently allows individual property owners to ‘opt‐out’ of the building permit and inspection process. The new ordinance would require all property owners to comply with building code requirements. The public hearing takes place in the Schuler Auditorium at Boswell Hall on the NIC Campus. Please show your support for the enforcement of safe, universal building practices in our county. If you plan to provide public testimony, please review the County Building Code Public Hearing Fact Sheet

If you cannot attend the hearing, please be advised that the hearing to consider the new building code ordinance will be streamed live on the Kootenai County YouTube channel. If you wish to submit written testimony, send a letter to the county commissioners. However, be sure to reference the project number (ORA19-0001). Submit your comments to Kootenai County Commission, PO Box 9000, CDA, ID  83816 or email to kcbocc@kcgov.us.

The Kootenai County Commission has posted information about the new building code ordinance. You can review the formal hearing notice and source existing public documents regarding the proposed changes by visiting this Public Hearing Notice page. On this page you will find instructions to aid you in searching for documentation regarding this ordinance and its impacts.

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