Kootenai County Medicaid for Idaho Team Training and Canvassing

Medicaid for Idaho Team Training and Canvassing

Help us close the gap for 78,000 Idahoans who need healthcare. Join us at Midtown Pub for a Kootenai County Medicaid for Idaho Team Training and Canvassing event. To begin, we will go over early results from our petition drive, provide additional training materials, share techniques, organize, and brainstorm various signature collecting opportunities in our community. There will also be a chance to connect with other team members. Finally, we will conduct a petition drive in nearby neighborhoods and businesses. In addition, we hope to have a public notary on hand to certify the signatures we collect. No host lunch and drinks are available to order at the Midtown Pub. The Midtown Pub is located at 826 N 4th St in Coeur d’Alene.

We also will have a special birthday to celebrate for active volunteer and leader Chris Matthews! Let’s have fun, get organized and collect those needed signatures!

Medicaid for Idaho

Volunteers all over Idaho are crisscrossing the state to raise awareness about the importance of expanding Medicaid for those without alternative access to affordable healthcare. Currently, 78,000 Idahoans are living in a healthcare gap. They were too poor to qualify for Obamacare and not poor enough to receive Medicaid. A solution to this problem has been available which allows Idaho legislators to receive help from the federal government to close the gap while saving state and local dollars. To force them to act, we are collecting signatures to put this issue to a vote on the 2018 General Election ballot.

For information about this issue and how to help, go to ReclaimIdaho.org.

Medicaid for Idaho