March for NIC Pres MacLennan

March and Rally for NIC President MacLennan

NIC Students, faculty and community supporters will turn out on Wednesday, October 27 at McEuen Park in support for recently deposed NIC President Rick MacLennan. Featured speakers include Christie Wood, an NIC Trustee who supported MacLennan, Michelle Lippert, a former philosophy instructor at NIC, and Shawn Keenan. The board of trustees meeting will start at 6 p.m., following a planned executive session at 5 p.m.

The march will start at 3 pm at the Water Treatment plant north of the NIC Campus. The march will follow NW Blvd then Garden Avenue. The destination is the Edminster Student Union Building on the NIC Campus.

Note: The march route was changed out of safety precautions. There have already been intimidation techniques used & a counter protest is planned at the same time. NIC isn’t an open carry campus- so we hope this will alleviate some tension and keep things extra safe.

Additionally, it’s incredibly important that anyone attending the march AVOID engaging with counter protestors. Ignore them, don’t let them get to you, and stand United against any bullying techniques. We are not there to create tension; we are there to support a beautiful institution & honor a president who stood for respect.

Please mask up, respect social distance, & dress warm. 3 pm we will meet- begin marching shortly after. Stay updated & share!

Why March?

Despite overwhelming public support, the NIC Board of Trustees voted 3 to 2 in opposition to renewing President MacClennan’s employment contract.  The Trustees who opposed MacClennan were Todd Banducci, Michael Barnes, and Greg McKenzie. These controversial trustees have been in an ongoing battle with the President. Their decision to cancel his employment was without justification and is seen by many as blatant retaliation. 



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