KCDem Club: Jessica Mahuron–Civic Engagement Alliance

This Friday, June 21st, noon, at the Iron Horse on Sherman Avenue our guest speaker is Jessica Mahuron.  Jessica will be speaking on the Civic Engagement Alliance whose mission is to generate grassroots community engagement for the common good of our area.  This is the second annual event and since there is no state office holder election this year, we hope for and encourage everyone to attend and participate.
This is a special speaker for the club because Jessica is one of us.  Her work on behalf of the Medicaid Expansion had a marvelous result for both Kootenai County and the State of Idaho.  This young women put the volunteers together and led the charge going door to door through winter and summer.  Even then she had time to put on last year’s Civic Engagement Alliance.  Jessica represents many of the traditional values of the Democratic Party.  Yet she reaches out to all in a nonpartisan manner.  Jessica believes enough in herself that she believes displaying her political affiliation isn’t necessary.  If she can talk to anyone she can convince people of the need to be involved, the need to vote.
This May be the one speaker you don’t want to miss.  Come, listen and get involved.  Bring a friend or two, fill the room, show your support for the young face of the Democratic Party, Jessica Mahuron.
Jessica Mahuron, Community Organizer, is driven by her passion for people, causes and building community in whatever place or role she finds herself in. As a graduate of the Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington, she has a genuine appreciation for outside-of-the-box thinking, believes in listening to multiple perspectives and enjoys spearheading innovative strategies into successful realities. In a volunteer capacity, she currently acts as the lead organizer of the Civic Engagement Alliance.

The Civic Engagement Alliance’s mission is to generate grassroots community engagement for the common good in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Through collaboration and partnership, we organize nonpartisan, mission-driven campaigns to improve civic life. The Civic Engagement Alliance is currently a nonprofit association that is currently evaluating the best structure and collaborators to carry out its mission.

In order for the Survey Project to organize successful projects, it first needs to listen to the voices of those who live in the community. As Coeur d’Alene and Kootenai County continue to experience rapid growth, the need to engage more citizens in opportunities to participate in the community and in the electoral process increases. Civic engagement has been described as the foundation of a democratic society: it enables people to work together through collective action to address issues of public concern and promote the quality of life in their community.

How is the current health of civic engagement in Coeur d’Alene? Through collaboration with community members, the Civic Engagement Alliance designed a survey that planned to deliver through

  • Face to face interaction at events or doorknocking

  • Outreach to organizations and community groups

  • Targeted online outreach

  • Volunteers interested in surveying people in their networks

Our goal is to take a pulse on our community by collecting 1500+ surveys from a diverse range of demographics. We will gain valuable insight into

  • Changes people want to see happen in the Coeur d’Alene area

  • Patterns of engagement in local organizations and groups, and why people may not be involved

  • Where people receive local news and information and if they find it adequate and factual

  • Charitable giving

  • Patterns in voter registration, vote by mail and participation in elections

  • Reasons why people in our local area may not vote

We appreciate the feedback, support, and volunteerism that we hope to gain from the Civic Engagement Survey Project. We believe in listening to people of all walks of life as we plan for positive community projects. We also hope our survey results will provide insight and inspire action for other individuals and organizations in our local area.

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