KCDEMS: Board Election and Christmas Social

Board Election and Christmas SocialEvery two years, we elect officers and trustees for the Club. This biennial process ensures the continuity of our organization. The nominees are all familiar to those who regularly attend our meetings and functions. So, join us this Friday, at the Iron Horse Bar and Grill, as we acknowledge our current officers and formally elect the new team.

Listed below is the slate of officers and trustees approved by the nominating committee in accordance with the bylaws.

  • President Ruben Miranda
  • Vice President Cathy Kraus
  • Treasurer Alise Tanner
  • Secretary Savannagh Kacey
  • Trustees Richard Rolland, Shem Hanks and Shawn Keenan

Ruben and Cathy have not been officers previously but are regular attendees of our meetings and participate on various committees. Alise and Savannagh are standing for reelection in their current positions as treasurer and secretary respectively. Trustees Richard Rolland and Shem Hanks are seeking another term. In addition, our current president Shawn Keenan is standing for trustee.

We would also like to acknowledge Shawn Keenan for his two years of service as Club President. Shawn has followed in the tradition of our past Presidents and deserves our thanks and praise.

Finally, if the election isn’t enough to motivate you, then come down for the Christmas social. If you do, bring some munchies to share and a merry disposition.

In past years there has been a minimal amount of food and drink ordered at our Christmas gathering and I expect that will be the case this year. However, we typically take a collection to recognize and support the service of our waitresses. This is particularly important this year. Some of you may not know that our regular waitresses are mother and daughter. Unfortunately, the daughter was seriously injured in a recent automobile accident. Consequently, their family could use some extra Christmas cheer. So, try to be as generous as possible with your contribution this week. This is our chance to share a special Christmas blessing with them.

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