KCDEM CLUB: Listening Time

listening timeThe Democratic Club wants to hear from you. Consequently, we are dedicating this Friday’s club meeting to a session of listening time with our members. Please consider what topics and speakers would be of interest to the club. In addition, consider whether change is needed with respect to our schedule. For example, we’d love your feedback regarding our meeting time and location. In addition, please share any ideas you have that might increase access and attendance. It is important to us that we create an environment of inclusion and that the weekly gathering have relevance. So, this is your chance to let us know if we are doing a good job or to offer constructive input. Be there this Friday at the Iron Horse Bar and Grill and join the conversation. Let the club hear what you think and absorb what you have to say. Our goal is to keep you informed and engaged in our efforts to build and maintain a vibrant community of fellow Democrats.
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