KC Dems: Movie Showing–American Redoubt

KC Dems will present a special showing of the documentary film Inside the American Redoubt. The film, by Alistair Good of the UK TIMES, explores the evolution and ongoing effects of the Redoubt movement. The event venue is the HARDING CENTER, 15TH Street, CDA, 7-9pm. The event is free.


About American Redoubt

British journalist Alastair Good travels to north Idaho to investigate the Redoubt Movement. This movement stems from a desire to build a homeland for conservatives. Many of the people attracted to this movement are conservative Christians. In addition, most are Trump voters. A lot of these folks are also recent transplants from the Pacific Coast states of California, Oregon, and Washington. The video features interviews with many locals you will recognize and offers a stark view of the thoughts and motivations of this movement and the people who are leading it.

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