KC Dems Club: Unpacking the Attack on Ukraine

The recent invasion by Russian forces into Ukraine is shameful and unnerving. This unmitigated act of aggression is hard to fathom in our modern era. If it escalates, it has the potential to create levels of conflict and instability not seen in Europe since World War II. Unfortunately, the implications of this conflict will expand beyond Europe. Due to the world’s intertwining nature, we will all feel the effects.

For example, Western Europe is dependent on Russia’s oil and gas reserves. If removed from the world market, it will clearly impact Europe. However, it will hit us here at home as well. In addition, the conflict is creating thousands of Ukrainian refugees that will need accommodation and support. Currently, the western European countries bordering Ukraine are doing what they can to provide aid. However, in time we can expect them to call on other countries including the US to absorb and assist these migrants.

Understanding the implications of this growing conflict requires a certain expertise. Therefore, we have invited Dr. Florian Justwan to join us. He is a Political Science Professor at the University of Idaho who studies political psychology and attitudes towards democracy. He will be a useful resource for helping us unpack the dynamics and future implications of this confrontation.

Join Dr. Justwan this Friday at noon online for an overview of what is driving this conflict and what is at stake if it intensifies.


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