KC Dems Club on-line: Election Reflections from KC Dem Candidates

During this past election cycle, the Kootenai Democrats recruited three excellent local candidates. They were Chris Matthews, Teresa Borrenpohl, and Shari Williams. In 2020, each candidate candidate campaigned for the first time for a seat in our State Legislature. We are so grateful to each of them for stepping forward during such a challenging time. Our topic is Election Reflections. It will allow each candidate to share what it was like running a campaign and the lessons they learned from the experience.

Despite their best efforts and given the difficulties of running during a Pandemic, our candidates lost their respective races. Given our county’s conservative leaning, this is not a complete surprise. Nonetheless, if we hope to win seats locally, we must learn from our past and use these lessons to improve our messaging and find ways to increase our voter base. In addition, we must document the challenges that our candidates face and put together strategies to help meet these challenges in future campaigns. Our next chance to put our candidates to the test is 2021 when there will be seats to fill on city councils, school boards and other local races. So please join us to listen, learn, and help build a better plan for the next election cycle.

Our guests this Friday, are Chris Matthews, Teresa Borrenpohl, and Shari Williams. They will be on hand to enlighten us about their experience as legislative candidates and tell us what can be learned from it.

A link to join our online meetings is distributed each Thursday. If you do not receive it please email Phil at philipjwardjr@gmail.com.

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