KC Dems Club on-line: Denise Neujahr, Community Library Network Award Winner

Denise Neujahr, Young Adult Librarian for the Community Library Network (CLN), is receiving the 2023 Lemony Snicket Prize for Nobel Librarians Faced with Adversity. The prize, which is administered by the American Library Association, is awarded each year to one librarian in the United States who has faced adversity with integrity and dignity intact.  

Neujahr is receiving the award based on her dedication to a library program that has garnered criticism from some in the community. The Rainbow Squad is a regular CLN program that provides a space for teens who identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community. It offers them and their allies a venue for interaction without the fear of harassment.

Join the Dem Club this Friday at noon, online for a discussion about the challenges of her work as a librarian in these trying times.


The Democrat Club meets each Friday at noon online. We distribute a Zoom link for our club meetings each Thursday prior to the meeting date. Contact Phil at pjwmia@aol.com or Ruben at pjwmia@aol.com, to request the link or assistance connecting. We will return to in person/online meetings as soon as it becomes safe to do so. You can find videos of past Club meetings at KootenaiCountyDemClub.com/Meeting Videos.

About Diane Neujahr

Diane volunteered for years before starting a twenty-four-year career as a librarian. She worked for two different libraries before earning her Master of Library Science in 2005 and joining the Community Library Network twelve years ago. She’s worked with children of all ages but has primarily focused on young adults and teens.

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