KC Dems Club: Legal Aid in Idaho

Idahoans with low incomes often deal with critical issues that require legal assistance. Unfortunately, without access the discretionary funds, securing reliable legal advice is usually out of reach. As a result, individuals facing abuse, eviction, or discrimination have no one to turn to in a crisis. Providing people like these with professional and dedicated legal support is the role of Idaho Legal Aid Services (ILAS). ILAS is an Idaho non-profit providing those with limited means the means to apply for legal assistance to seek lawful recourse.

To help us unpack the many legal challenges faced by the needy in Idaho and the services offered by ILAS, we have invited Brady King to speak with us. Mr. King is Managing Attorney for the ILAS office in Coeur d’Alene. This office coordinates ILAS legal services for the five northern counties of Idaho.

Join us this Friday at noon, online for a look at legal aid in Idaho. 

About Idaho Legal Aid Services Inc. (ILAS)

ILAS is Idaho’s largest nonprofit law firm with seven regional and two satellite offices, three toll-free legal advice lines, and a website with legal forms and educational content. Their mission is to provide quality civil legal services to low income and vulnerable Idahoans. For many, ILAS provides their only viable access to the judicial system. Read more about ILAS.


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