KC Dem Club: Wendell Berry’s Hopes for Humanity

Wendle Berry

As July slips away there are many events of interest for Kootenai Democrats starting with this Friday’s Democratic Club meeting at the Iron Horse at noon.  As you know Laura Tenneson, our Program Coordinator, has provided both interesting and informative speakers.  Due to a last minute cancellation by our scheduled speaker we have a somewhat different program this Friday, 8/2.  We will watch a video presentation of an elderly Kentucky farmer who truly understands and loves the land.  Listen to Wendell as he discusses his “Hopes for Humanity.”
A few years ago Bill Moyers interviewed Wendell Berry who rarely appears on such shows.  Wendell Berry is “a man of the land and one of America’s most influential writers, whose prolific career includes more than forty books of poetry, novels, short stories and essays.”  This interview is less about his writings and perhaps more about his anger.
 Mr. Berry is “a quiet and humble man, who has become an outspoken advocate for revolution. He urges immediate action as he mourns how America has turned its back on the land and rejected Jeffersonian principles of respect for the environment and sustainable agriculture. He warns people who own the world out right for profit will have to be stopped by influence, by power, by us. This is a very rare interview by this visionary, author and farmer as he discusses a sensible, but no compromise plan to save the Earth.”
Although there will be no speaker this should be very interesting with some time for discussion.  Mr. Berry is a senior citizen who still has the fire and intellect of a much younger person.  Please try to attend.  You won’t regret it or think you could have done something better.

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