KC Dem Club Online: School Levies Fund Maintenance and Operations

Despite what you might think, school levies do not raise revenue for new programs. Quite the contrary. The fact is they are the critical funding resource for sustaining the ongoing operations of our school facilities. More importantly, the federal and state funding our local schools receive is not available for maintenance and operations. Therefore, this funding responsibility falls on the local community. Consequently, it is up to us to raise the money through tax levies and bonds to ensure our schools can maintain operations and grow as needed to support our increasing population.

Unfortunately, whether our schools get the funding they need is up to voters. Therefore, if you do not turn out and support this funding request, our schools suffer. To help you understand what this School Levy is all about we have invited the Post Falls Superintendent of Schools to join us. Her name is Dena Naccarato. She will be joined by Scott Maben. Scott is the Director of Communications for the Coeur d’Alene School District. Together, they will explain the necessity for school levies and how they support school operations. Note: School board personnel can explain levies but are restricted from advocating for them. Consequently, that becomes our job.

This is not just another meeting or even just an important issue to discuss. This is about our children, our grandchildren, and our community. How do we grow and prosper unless we have the best educated workforce? People love to complain about taxes and the cost of government. Nothing is more expensive than the cost of ignorance. Please attend, invite family members, friends, and neighbors. EDUCATION MATTERS!

Join Dena Naccarato and Scott Maben, on February 19 at 12PM, for a discussion about school levies and why they are so critical.

The link to join the meeting will be sent by email on Thursday, 2/18. If you do not receive it or know of others interested in joining this meeting please email me at pjwmia@aol.com to request the link.

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