KC Dem Club–on line: Staniela Nikolova, Candidate for US House of Representatives

The Democratic Club continues to meet ONLINE. This week we will hear from US House of Representatives candidate Staniela Nikolova. Staniela is one of two Democrats running in the May Primary for US Congress. The winner of this race will challenge the GOP candidate in the November General Election. This virtual meeting is your chance to ask her about her campaign and why she deserves your vote. Join Staniela for a live presentation this Friday at noon. As a reminder, this is a mail in election. Therefore, if you have not requested a ballot, do so now. The deadline for requesting a vote by mail ballot has been extended to May 19. Click here to get started.

A link to the meeting will be distributed on Thursday, May 14. If you do not receive a meeting invitation, contact Ruben at rmiranda@gmail.com.

About Staniela

Ms. Nikolova sent the following statement as an introduction to her campaign.

What draws me to a career in the legislature is looking around the world I live in and seeing all the possibility that strategic legislation can bring us to build a better tomorrow.

Idaho, being home for all of my life, is firmly etched in my heart, and what I want to do is build programs that enhance education in Idaho, help our students manage student debt better by prioritizing payments on principle, spend strategically in Congress to make sure that quality of life of all Americans is enhanced, and support scientific and technological achievement in this country to put us first in the world, among many other things.

I need your help to be able to do this. Running for office gives me a platform to discuss solutions reformatting student debt, making medical care affordable, making nationwide medical care consistent, and a multitude of other issues that are highlighted throughout this website.

I graduated with a B.S. Biochemistry, B.S. Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, and a B.S. Psychology from the University of Idaho, but it is not my degrees that make me the kind of leader we need in office to help us weather this storm and many others over the next two years. It is my persistence and unwillingness to give up, my passion for effective policy, and my drive to see Idaho and the rest of the United States of America, succeed beyond our wildest dreams. For more information about my campaign, go to www.stanielanikolova.com.

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