KC Dem Club on-line: Rudy Soto–Electing Democrats in Idaho

2020 US Congressional Candidate Rudy Soto visits the Democratic Club this Friday to talk about electing Democrats in Idaho. As you now, Rudy challenged Congressman Russ Fulcher. Unfortunately, he did not win. Whenever I read the vote on bills in the US Congress, I cringe and ask myself why Rudy is not there instead. Idaho needs people like Rudy in government. Moreover, we can use his experience and perspective as a younger Democrat to bring our thinking into the 21st century. Please join him online, this Friday at noon for an enlightening discussion about what we can do to elect more Democrats in Idaho.

Phil will email a meeting on the Thursday before the meeting. If you do not receive it, send a request to: pjwmia@aol.com.

About Rudy

Rudy Soto was born in Nampa, Idaho. He obtained an undergraduate degree from Portland State University in June 2011. Soto served in the United States Army from August 2008 to February 2018. His professional experience includes working at national non-profit organizations and as a former congressional staffer. He also participated in the American Political Science Association’s Congressional Fellowship Program, which he completed in 2014. He received the National Center for American Indian Enterprise Development’s “Native American 40 Under 40” award. As of 2020, Soto was involved with HillVets.

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