KC Dem Club on-line: Lt. Col. Sarah Lynch-Diversity and Inclusion

This Friday the Democratic Club is joined by Lieutenant Colonel Sarah Lynch. Lt. Col. Lynch is Diversity and Inclusion Officer in the Civil Air Patrol (CAP). In addition, she is Director of Safety, and a Search & Rescue Pilot in CAP’s Coeur d’Alene Composite Squadron. Sarah will talk about the importance of encouraging diversity and inclusion. CAP defines diversity as a composite of individual characteristics, experiences, and abilities. Whereas inclusion is the process of creating conditions where individuals can make their fullest contributions free from unnecessary barriers to success. As a woman and lesbian in the US Airforce, she learned how these policies serve and protect the interests of minority groups. We welcome Lt. Col. Lynch to the Democratic Club this Friday, at noon, online. Hopefully, this will be our last online only meeting.

Lieutenant Colonel Lynch

Sarah took a circuitous route to Kootenai County. It started at the United States Air Force Academy, where she graduated in 1999. Eventually, after serving overseas, she returned to Fairchild AFB near Airway Heights, Washington. Now she and her wife live in Hayden, Idaho. For those unfamiliar with military grades, achieving the rank of Lt. Col. is a significant achievement. In addition, she holds a PhD.

Civil Air Patrol

The Civil Air Patrol is a US Airforce Auxiliary. It serves as the nation’s civilian aviation resource for national defense. It has also evolved into a premier public service organization. CAP’s Coeur d’Alene Composite Squadron is in Hayden, Idaho.

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