KC Dem Club On-Line: Local Leaders Discuss Dem National Convention

(l-r) T. Hearn, J. Maldonado, M.L. Reed

The Democratic Club discusses the 2020 Democratic National Convention this Friday. National convention delegate Tom Hearn will be on hand to help guide the discussion. He is one of only two national delegates* from North Idaho. Joining Tom is Jesse Maldonado. Jesse is the Political Director and 1st Vice Chair of the Idaho Democratic Party. The final speaker is Mary Lou Reed. Mary Lou served six terms as a State Senator for District 4. *The other convention delegate from North Idaho is Cory Alexander who is unable to join us at this time.

Tom and Jesse can provide some good insight into the planning for this most unusual convention. They will explain how the National Democratic Party will nominate our Candidates for President and Vice President and adopt the Party platform. Knowing how things are happening will make it easier for us all to share in this historic event. In addition, Mary Lou Reed will offer her insight into our convention process.

The national convention is an opportunity to show the American people what Democrats stand for as a party. It is also a moment where we can unite around our shared values. Join us online for a look into this elemental aspect of our Presidential election process. It is your chance to become better informed so that you can let others know what to expect.

Ruben will distribute a Zoom link for this meeting on Thursday, August 6. If you do not receive the link or if you would like to be added to the distribution list, email him at rmiranda2265@gmail.com.

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