KC Dem Club On-Line: Kerry Brooks-Planning Optimal Land Use

Last Friday, we explored Kootenai County’s population explosion and the resulting housing boom. You only need to drive north of Post Falls to see the evidence of these expanding subdivisions and the resulting sprawl. Consequently, the question is, what policies can be adopted that promote planning optimal land use?

This Friday we welcome Kerry Brooks for a conversation about smart ways to manage our area’s inevitable growth. Kerry is a Professor of Urban and Regional Planning at Eastern Washington University. He will discuss the impacts of uncontrolled expansion and recommend some approaches to restraining it.

The fact is that growth is unavoidable in Kootenai County. Furthermore, the beauty and livability of this area is no longer a secret and people want to live here. Therefore, the question is how to optimize land use in such a way that it fosters sustainable growth and protects our quality of life. Hopefully, with Kerry’s help we can find workable solutions to this inevitable problem.

We distribute the link to our meetings on the Thursday prior to the meeting date. To request the link or assistance getting connected, contact Phil at pjwmia@aol.com.

EWU School of Urban and Regional Planning

Eastern Washington University school of Urban and Regional planning centers on recognizing and solving critical problems in communities. Designing sustainable, livable, equitable and environmentally sound communities is their objective.

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