KC Dem Club on line: Jessica Mahuron, Civic Engagement Alliance

To help you assess your voting options for the November Election, we have invited Jessica Mahuron to meet with us. She is the founder and President of the Civic Engagement Alliance CDA. Helping people register to vote is one of their key commitments. They also advocate about the importance of voting. Join Jessica this Friday to learn what the CEA is doing to help make your vote count on November 3.

Ensuring Safe and Secure Voting

Casting a ballot should be easy. Moreover, during this current health crisis, expanding your voting options not restricting them should be the focus. Yet, amid a global pandemic, the US President is working to undermine efforts to use mail-in voting. In fact, he is working to degrade the function of the US Postal Service to disrupt and discourage voting by mail. To make matters worse, many regular poll workers are likely to stay at home on November 3 due to the health risks associated with COVID-19. This means there could be fewer open polling places on election day. All this might have you discouraged. Yet, Jessica is here to show you how to take steps to ensure that your vote is cast and counted safely and reliably.

About Jessica

Jessica loves her work and does it with enthusiasm and vivaciousness. Consequently, you can expect to hear an informed and  lively presentation. She is also passionate about people, causes, and building community in whatever place or role she finds herself. As a graduate of the Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington, she has a genuine appreciation for outside-of-the-box thinking, works collaboratively with people of all walks of life, believes in listening to multiple perspectives, and enjoys spearheading innovative strategies into successful realities. She specializes in community outreach, event planning, volunteer coordinating, and communications.

If you do not receive the link and you would like to be added to the distribution list, email him at rmiranda2265@gmail.com.

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