KC Dem Club on-line: ID Dem Legislators–Current Legislative Session

Join Senator David Nelson and Representative Ilana Rubel this Friday for a round up of the current legislative session. In addition to pointing out the legislative failures of the majority (GOP) party, they will outline their Idaho Working Families Agenda.
There is a distinction between knowing what the government should do versus what it does, and they are not always the same. Furthermore, staying abreast of what is happening in the legislature can be a challenge if you do not live in Boise.
Join David and Ilana this Friday at 12PM to learn how the GOP Majority Tax Plan is hurting Idaho Working Families.
A meeting link is distributed on the Thursday before the meeting. If you do not receive it, send a request to: pjwmia@aol.com.

About Senator David Nelson

David serves Legislative District 5. His district includes Latah and Benewah counties. He holds seats on the Agricultural Affairs, Education, and Transportation Committees. David is a fourth-generation Idahoan who grew up on a Genesee wheat ranch. After graduating from the University of Idaho, he left Idaho to work in software development for various energy companies. His focus was on helping them manage their energy more efficiently. Around 20 years ago, he returned to Idaho to start a flourishing business of his own.

About Representative Ilana Rubel

Ilana is the Assistant Minority Leader. She holds Seat A in Legislative District 18. This district is in Boise. She serves on various committees including Health and Welfare, Resources and Conservation, Transportation and Defense, and Ways and Means. Ilana graduated from Harvard Law School. She also holds a BA degree from Georgetown University in American Government and English. In addition to serving in the Idaho Legislature, Ilana is a partner at the Law Firm of Fenwick and West in Boise. This premier law firm focuses on serving the areas technology clients.

If you missed last week’s discussion on the value of civics education for children and adults, you missed a good one. You can watch a recording of this discussion and all club meetings at kootenaicountydemsclub.com.

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