KC Dem Club On-line: Evan Koch, Kootenai Democratic Party Chair

This Friday is not about politics. Instead, it will be focused on organizing. This Friday is a meeting for all our members. As the saying goes, you can’t know the actors without a program. This Friday we get the program. This may seem somewhat mundane or administrative, but it is important. All Democrats should make every effort to confirm who we are and where we are going.

KCDCC Chair Evan Koch

Most of us know that the newly elected Chair of the Kootenai County Democratic Party Central Committee is Evan Koch. Evan is a long time Democrat migrating from Baltimore, Maryland to Spirit Lake. Like most of us it was not a trip as the crow flies but was a bit more circuitous. Evan by profession is a Nurse Anesthesiologist so he really understands the risks associated with the Coronavirus. If he does not understand the risks associated with being an out in front Democrat in Northern Idaho, he is about to find out. I do not expect it will be a surprise to him and I am quite sure he has the know-how and agility to cope. As our Democratic Party Leader, we know what we expect of him. This Friday at the club get to know Evan Koch and learn what he expects of us, If any of you are unaware our other Kootenai County Democratic Central Committee officers are Jan Studer, Vice Chair, Kathy McCaughin, Treasure, and Cindy Algeo is our Secretary.

Democratic Club

In addition to Democratic Party we have the social out arm which is the Democratic Club. More of you may be familiar with the comings and goings of the Club due to your regular (or somewhat regular) attendance. The Democratic Club provides a forum to meet fellow Dems, listen to and discuss relevant issues, and socialize as much as possible at the current time. Just as the Kootenai Democratic Party has officers so does the Democratic Club. The officers who are serving this year are Ruben Miranda, President, Alise Tanner, Treasurer, and Savannagh Kasey, Secretary. Cathy Kraus was elected as our Vice President but unfortunately had to resign her position a short while back. Regardless the Democratic Club in its Bylaws must have periodic meetings to discuss administrative issues. Ruben has called for that meeting this Friday before the mad dash to the Nov. 3rd finish line.

Please join us this Friday, 9/11/2020, noon ONLINE. As in the past the link to join will be sent by Ruben on Thursday before the meeting.

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