KC Dem Club on -line: Christa Hazel, Community Activist

This Friday the Democratic Club welcomes Christa Hazel. Christa is a long-time resident of Kootenai County and a community activist. At our last club meeting, we heard about the Idaho Women for Biden (IWB). We also learned that Christa is an active member. This may seem surprising given her former affiliation with the Kootenai County Republican Central Committee. Yet it is because of her experience with the KCRCC, that Christa is sharing her desire to tamp down extreme partisanship in Kootenai County politics. Although supporting Biden is a start, her ultimate focus is to change the conversation about how we address local issues. In fact, she is working to shift the conversation away from the divisive issues that keep us apart. Instead, she hopes to create a common dialogue that will help to bring people with diverse political views together to serve the common good of our entire community.

Join Christa this Friday, at noon, for a discussion about how we can work together to make a better future for everyone.

As with previous online meetings, a link to join will be sent on Thursday. If you do not receive it please contact Phil at philipjwardjr@gmail.com.

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