KC Dem Club on-line: Candidates for Hospital Board

The Kootenai Hospital District is overseen by a Board of Nine Trustees. Seven of them are elected and two are appointed by the elected Trustees. On May 18, three Trustees will be elected to serve six-year terms. Voters will be asked to vote for their preferred candidates.

This Friday, the Democratic Club will hear from candidates running to serve as Kootenai Hospital District Trustees. Although, there are six names on the ballot, we will only hear from three of them. Terrence Neff MD, and Katie Brodie are incumbents running for another term. They will be joined by a new board candidate, Robert McFarland MD.

Elected trustees serve on numerous boards throughout our community, and they have huge responsibilities. However, these people are not administrators and are not intended to be. In fact, trustees serve as advisors, using their skills and experience to provide oversight of our hospital operations. They are elected to ensure that the needs of the community are met. Consequently, electing qualified and competent trustees who can work effectively with the hospital’s administration is essential.

The trustees chosen to serve on the Kootenai Hospital Board will be determined by a countywide vote and it is critical that these positions are filled by competent and qualified people. The last thing we need is a politically driven take over by extremists on the right. Therefore, we must vote in sufficient numbers to prevent further incursions. So don’t forget to vote.

We distribute a Zoom link on the Thursday prior to the meeting date. To request the link or assistance getting connected, contact Phil at pjwmia@aol.com.


Also, early in person voting starts on May 3 and runs through May 14. Stop by the Elections office at 1808 N 3rd St. to complete your ballot. Otherwise, plan to vote on Election Day-May 18th.

For more information go to: iwillvote.com or idahovotes.gov.


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