KC Dem Club On-Line: Business Meeting

This Friday, the Club is conducting an internal business meeting. This organizational discussion includes presentations by Club President, Ruben Miranda, and Kootenai County Democratic Central Committee Chair, Evan Koch. So, come learn how the central committee and the social club interact and reinforce each other.

In addition, we hope to encourage a stronger Democratic presence in Kootenai County. By creating a stronger base, our Democratic candidates will have a deeper and more resilient source of support. So, come find out about the opportunities that are available to become more involved and to help our party grow.

A Zoom link will be distributed on the Thursday prior to the meeting date. To request the link or assistance getting connected, contact Phil at pjwmia@aol.com.

About the Club

We believe that informed voters choose the best legislators. Consequently, the Democratic Club offers a wide variety of presentations on state and local issues by curating a schedule of knowledgeable speakers.

We are also fortunate to have concerned people leading the Democratic Club. Our current officers include:

  • President – Ruben Miranda
  • Vice President – Open
  • Secretary – Savannah Kacey
  • Treasurer – Alise Tanner
  • Past Presidents – Shem Hanks and Shawn Keenan

Membership in the Kootenai County Democratic Club is a great way to meet and connect with fellow Democrats and Progressives. It is also easy to join and places few demands on your time. Each year we request that members reconfirm their intentions to stay active in the club. This membership renewal helps to keep our records current and facilitates the creation of an accurate membership directory. The listing of your contact info in this club directory is voluntary so you can opt out if you wish.

Our club meets weekly each Friday at Noon. Normally, we meet in person at the Iron Horse on Sherman Avenue. However, we are meeting online to comply with social distancing and safety protocols. We acknowledge that this arrangement limits socializing. However, using Zoom does allow us to talk, see others, and engage with our guest speakers. We recognize that some people cannot attend our weekly mid-day club meetings. Consequently, we are looking at occasionally scheduling our meetings in the evening to allow more people to participate. If you have thoughts about this, please let us know.

You can find out more about the Club and Central Committee on our Groups page.

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