KC Dem Club on line: Bev and Alycia Moss–Immigration at Southern Border

This Friday we look at the Southern Border and ongoing migrant crisis. If you just rely on the daily news, you could be led to believe that there are daily hordes of people clamoring to illegally cross our border. These reports fail to make the distinction between the legitimate concerns for border security and the growing crisis of migrants seeking legitimate asylum and immigration as political and economic refugees.

Political Distortions Confuse the Issue

It is no surprise that political opportunists are using the crisis to blame the Biden Administration’s policies for making conditions worse. For example, look at Arizona Governor and Chair of the Republican Governors Association Doug Ducey. He claims to be perplexed by President Biden’s indifference to the chaos at the border. Moreover, he argues the prior administration had the crisis under control. Unfortunately, Ducey statements intentionally mislead the public and add to the confusion. So, the question remains. What is really going on at our Southern border?

Migration and US Immigration Policy

Fortunately, we have Bev and Alycia Moss to help facilitate an examination of economic and political migration issues and US immigration policy. They have compiled some compelling information about who is arriving at our border and how it compares to past years. In addition, they will share a 6-minute video from the American Immigration Lawyers Association featuring Attorney Jennifer Ibanez Whitlock.

Community Bridges El Paso and Jaurez

Then, they will present a 25-minute video by America Media and Dylan Corbett. Dylan is the Executive Director of the Hope Border Institute. America Media (AM) is the leading provider of editorial content for thinking Catholics. AMs’ frame of reference is religion-based. However, the presentation effectively covers what is happening at the crossing between El Paso, Texas and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.

San Diego-Tijuana Interface

Finally, we will hear from our club President Ruben Miranda. Ruben has visited Mexico twice in the past month. He will share his observations and experience at the San Diego-Tijuana border crossing.

We distribute a Zoom link for our club meeting on the Thursday prior to the meeting date. To request the link or assistance getting connected, contact Phil at pjwmia@aol.com.

Also, find videos of past Club meetings at KootenaiCountyDemClub.com/Meeting Videos.

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