KC Dem Club: Jonathon Manley, PF City Planner–Managing Growth

This week the Democratic Club welcomes Post Falls City Planner Jonathon Manley. Jonathon will help us understand how the City of Post Falls is addressing growth and its wider implications for all of Kootenai County. As we have all witnessed, large subdivisions continue to sprout up wherever there is suitable vacant land. For example, you can see evidence of new subdivisions breaking ground along the north side of Post Falls toward Rathdrum. The fact is our area has attracted newcomers for decades and our rate of growth is only likely to increase. With Jonathon’s help, we will discuss the challenges and explore the available alternatives for managing growth responsibly.

In the past, this was not much of a problem because open land was easy to find. Today, however, these large open tracks are parceled out and sold off at an ever-increasing rate. Therefore, managing growth responsibly now is more essential than ever before. The challenge is to design acceptable alternatives that decrease urban sprawl. Otherwise, if left unchecked, we will continue to see large parcels of land consumed by single-family housing developments. We have seen what this looks like in other urban areas and we still have time to choose a different path. Join us this Friday at noon for a discussion on managing growth.

We distribute a Zoom link on the Thursday prior to the meeting date. To request the link or assistance getting connected, contact Phil at pjwmia@aol.com.

Post Falls Planning Division

The PFPD strives to enhance the livability of the City of Post Falls by working with citizens, business owners, and the development community on land use management, the environment and economy, and public and private property development. Growth has been relatively constant over the last 30 years, said Jonathon Manley, the City of Post Falls’ planning manager. Since the U.S. Census Bureau reported the city’s population at 7,349 in 1990, Post Falls has grown by roughly 10,000 residents every decade.

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