KC Dem Club: Jill Bolton–Mandatory Minimums

Three strikes and you’re out and that’s not the old ball game. It’s the time a person is incarcerated under mandatory minimum sentences here in Idaho.

Do these serve the purpose of protecting society and possibly rehabilitating the person who committed the crime? Is the intent to simply get them off the street? Regardless of the intent, incarceration costs money for the people of Idaho, quite a sum of money.  Idaho spends approximately $25,000 dollars a year to incarcerate a person. Do all these people, approximately 8,000, need to be in jail for the amount of time a minimum mandatory sentence may require?

Idaho is currently renting jail space in other states to incarcerate some of our inmates. Our speaker will discuss some of the consequences of this mandatory minimum sentencing. Stop and think about this for a minute. We Idahoans pay nearly $25,000 dollars to incarcerate a person for one year. Meanwhile we are ranked 48th in the nation for funding per student each school year. Idaho provides approximately $7,000 dollars per year per student. Incarceration vs Education: Is the Idaho Legislature spending our money in the best manner for a better Idaho?

Jill Bolton on Friday will help to understand the process and the impacts. Politics is defined as the authoritative allocation of resources in this case money. Is our money being allocated by our elected leaders in the best manner? Knowledge is essential for all citizens to know who to vote for and why. This Friday Jill Bolton will provide valuable information.

ill Bolton is our speaker this week at the Iron Horse on Friday at 12 noon on Sherman Avenue.  She’ll be speaking on mandatory minimums and the benefit of removing them for non-violent offenders. Her information follows.

At Bolton Law, PLLC, the founder Jill Bolton, has 22 years of experience that she utilizes to help you no matter what your legal problem may be. She has spent 19 years prosecuting the types of cases she now defends. For 13 of those years Jill worked as a federal prosecutor and for six of those years prosecuted cases in state court.

Knowing how the prosecution side of the process works and being familiar with the resources that are available to state and federal governments in their mission to obtain convictions give her unique insight into how to defend those accused of crimes. She also has extensive experience in other areas of the law.

Jill is a resident of Spokane but also has a residence in Coeur d’Alene. Jill is married to Greg Halverson and they have two children, Madelyn and Jackson.

Be there, bring a family member and a friend. Their time will not be wasted. It will an hour of valuable information and knowledge we all need.

407 E Sherman Ave, Coeur d'Alene ID 83814
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