KC Dem Club: In-Person Welcome Back!!


This Friday, the Kootenai County Democratic Club returns to meeting in person. To give people the time to renew acquaintances with old friends, there will be no guest speaker. So, consider this a social event. We hope you will welcome the opportunity to meet, eat, drink and chat.

The meeting location is JB’s Restaurant. JB’s is located at 704 W. Appleway in Coeur d’Alene. Given the extended break from public gatherings, and after many years at the Iron Horse on Sherman, it seems that a change is in the air. Although this venue isn’t necessary a permanent one, we will start here and see how it goes. One big plus for JB’s is that has FREE onsite parking.

I hope to see you there in-person on July 16th at noon at JB’s Restaurant!

After the COVID-19 pandemic stopped our in-person meetings, we wondered how we would hold the Club together. Although we manage, it was a challenge. Who had heard of Zoom or even really were comfortable with computer use? Certainly not me. After calling my daughters and asking how to do this and hearing back, “Dad, how can you be so dumb?” I think a little has sunk into my thick skull.

Thankfully, Ruben, our Club President, had the skill and patience to bring Zoom into our Friday lives. After a few adjustments and progress along the learning curve, we have adjusted, joined in, engaged with our friends through this year. We managed to “keep the lights on” as some would say. We continued to get people together online, hear speakers on interesting and relevant topics, engage in conversations. I must say “Thank You, Ruben Miranda! You made it work and kept up going.”

All our worlds have changed from the old normal to the new normal, whatever that ends up being. We are all creatures of habit and social people. Perhaps sitting at home, drinking a cup of coffee is easy and comfortable but it isn’t who we are. Come back in-person socialize be involved again. Always check out the Club website kootenaicountydemsclub.com.  Any questions feel free to email pjwmia@aol.com

(Please remember Idaho has not achieved the vaccination rate President Biden had anticipated even though our Panhandle Health District has had dwindling numbers recently. Watch your papers and the news to see if the 4th of July holiday causes any significant increase in COVID-19 cases. Be alert, be vaccinated, be careful, and stay well.)

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