KC Dem Club: Donna Stambaugh–Voting and Elections Process

Understanding voting rightsElection time is near. We have a Democratic primary on Mar. 10, 2020. May 19 includes more voting ending in November 2020, with the general election including voting for our President. Now is the appropriate time for each of us to better understand voting rights and the election process.

Our Democratic Club guest speaker at the Iron Horse on Friday, noon, January 24, is a person we all know, our own Donna “Jake” Stambaugh. Jake brings to the club her professional know-how as a lawyer, an accountant, a Democrat and a native Idahoan. She will connect the dots on the election process and some of the current, less-than-beneficial efforts by various states to limit the ability of some people to vote. As a nation we tend to take the right to vote for granted or not bother to vote at all. Young people tend to fail to register to vote in large numbers.

Knowledge is often the essential ingredient in how much effort we place on any activity we pursue. Taking the responsibility and exercising the right to vote is no different. Some may believe that voting does not change anything, so they justify not voting. The problem is not voting can change things and result in policies and public actions being less beneficial to all and inconsistent with the “public good.” Understanding our election process and exercising the right to vote is the only way to improve our community and the services our public sector should provide. Attend the Democratic Club on Friday, noon, at the Iron Horse, 407 E. Sherman Ave., CDA. Learn about being a better informed and more active citizen.

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