KC Dem Club: Chantelle Lieske–Safe Passage

Ours is a safe community.  Some children walk to school or even ride bikes.  Generally we are not fearful of walking home late at night.  Younger people going to various events may need a word or two of caution but not outright fear.   Passage through Kootenai County remains safe for most of us but not all.  Safe Passage has a most different meaning for some of us and is a definite and secure destination.  Understand what “Safe Passage” is and how it helps people in our community.
This Friday, May 24th, 12 noon, at the Iron Horse Restaurant, 407 E. Sherman Ave, Cd’A,  listen to Chantelle Lieske the Executive Director of Safe Passage.  Learn who and what Safe Passage is, what it does and for whom.  Many people here in Kootenai County have access to a computer and the basic know how to “google” or look up a website.  Take a moment and look up on your computer the name safepassageid.org.  Then click on services.  This may be an eye opener.
Safe Passage provides “safety, education, and empowerment to victims of violence and to the community.”  These may be the services we hope none of us ever will need but some will and some do right now.  Knowing there is an organization we can refer people to in time of need, if we are fortunate, may be enough but perhaps not for all of us.   Learn about  Safe Passage and perhaps see a place where you can help and get involved.
This Friday noon at the Iron Horse, listen to Ms. Lieske.  There is always a way we can help each other.  Learn about  Safe Passage while meeting with friends.  Invite others to come with you.  Help isn’t provided based on political lines but based on need, a common denominator we all recognize.

407 E Sherman Ave, Coeur d'Alene ID 83814
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